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Citi Alerts

Choose and customise the free banking and investment alerts you receive

Citi Alerts is a free of charge service which helps put you in control of your money, wherever you are.

Banking alerts

Stay up to date with your monthly or weekly account balances, customised low balance warnings, account transactions over £500 and other banking notifications.

Investment alerts

Track your FX Order Watch, Brokerage executions and Time Deposits.

Change your alerts at any time

Edit your Push Notification alerts at any time using the Citi Mobile® UK App. Alternatively, you can change your SMS and Email alerts by signing on to Citi Online.

Citi Mobile® UK Push Notifications

Receive important account information to your mobile device even when you are not actively using the Citi Mobile® UK App. Simply register from within the App.

If you change your device or delete and re-install the app, you will need to re-activate your Push Notifications through your Citi Mobile® UK App.

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Will I receive Push Notifications overseas?

Providing you have an internet connection, you will receive Citi Alerts Push Notifications anywhere in the world. In case of no connectivity, Notifications that you received within the last 30 days will be stored in your Notifications Inbox ready for you to view when you reconnect. Your inbox can be found by selecting Notifications from the Main Menu on your Citi Mobile® UK App.

How can I turn off Push Notifications?

  1. From your Citi Mobile® UK App, select Settings and then Push Notifications. Swipe the Notifications toggle OFF to immediately stop receiving Push Notification Alerts.
  2. If your device has been lost or stolen, sign on to Citi Online and navigate to the Citi Alerts page under your Profile. After selecting 'De-register device', your Notifications will be immediately turned off. If you do not have internet access, call Citiphone on 0800 00 55 00 (or +44 207 500 55 00 if calling from outside of the UK).

Note: After turning Push Notifications off, your preferences will still be visible on Citi Online. You can turn your alerts back on at any time in the Citi Mobile® UK App settings by swiping the Notifications toggle ON.


Please visit Google Play or the UK Apple App Store to download the app.

Text Alerts on your Citi UK Mobile App

How to register for Push Notifications

  1. Sign on to the Citi Mobile® UK App
  2. Select Push Notifications from the Settings menu
  3. Click Set Up New Notification and choose your alerts
  4. Select Continue to confirm your choice
  5. Ensure your device settings allow notifications to be displayed

Notice: When you register for Push Notification Alerts, you will no longer receive your selected alerts by SMS.

How to register for SMS & Email Alerts

  1. Sign on to Citi Online and navigate to the 'My Profile' menu
  2. Choose Citi Alerts from the available options
  3. Select Edit Alert Registration
  4. Choose your SMS and Email alerts
  5. Click Confirm to activate your alerts

Notice: You can choose your Email and SMS alerts online but not your Push Notifications. These must be activated using the Citi Mobile® UK App.

Putting you in control of your finances whilst ensuring your security

We will inform you of any suspicious activity on your account without you registering for Citi Alerts; however it is vital that we have your correct contact details. To confirm your personal details are up to date you can:

  1. Sign on to your Citi Online profile and select ‘Update Contact Details’ option under the 'My Profile' menu.
  2. Call CitiPhone on 0800 00 55 00 for free to confirm that your personal details are up to date.

Citi clients click here and learn how to setup phone & Email alerts using Citi Online.

Learn more about staying secure. Read our tips for protecting your banking security.

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