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Exclusive wealth management products and services

Citigold is much more than a bank account. It's an exclusive proposition that combines our approach to wealth management and our multi-currency accounts and services with a diverse range of wealth management products, available both onshore and offshore. 
All this is supported, managed, and easily accessible through a single online platform and your dedicated Relationship Manager.

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Our Wealth Management Approach

Helping you maximise your wealth is central to a Citigold relationship. Whatever your investment experience to date, we offer the guidance and expertise to build a portfolio based firmly on your needs. Your Relationship Manager is there to help you devise a strategy and construct a portfolio to help you achieve your financial goals

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Our Investment Products

You can choose from a diverse range of wealth management products that provide exposure to a wide variety of markets around the world. All our wealth management products are available to hold either onshore or offshore. They are all available in multiple currencies, increasing the scope and sophistication of your options.

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Multicurrency accounts

Included in your Citigold personal banking service is a Pounds (GBP) current account and the opportunity to also hold US Dollar and Euro current accounts, with no additionally monthly fee. You can access all three currencies from a single Citi Debit Card, helping avoid foreign currency exchange fees.

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Start your Citigold relationship

Citigold is available if you maintain a minimum average monthly balance of £150,000 (or currency equivalent) across all your Citi UK accounts, including investments.

Or Speak to a Relationship Manager 0207 500 1992

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Offshore investments

We offer a diverse range of banking and investment services, including for those who want access to offshore investments

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Just moved to the UK?

We can save you time money and hassle. If you are a foreign national in the UK, Citi's International Banking Service can help you manage your money, home and away.

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