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Dealing with Bereavement - Citi UK

Dealing with Bereavement

We understand how difficult dealing with a bereavement is.

We have set up this page to help you with the process relating to the finances of the deceased and to give you more information on how we can support you during this time.

Step 1: Notifying us

You can notify us of a death in a number of ways:

  • in person at our branch;
  • by contacting your or the deceased’s relationship manager;
  • by phone on 0800 00 55 00; and
  • by email on

In order to register a customer as deceased, we will need to see evidence of death. When you notify us, we ask that you send us the following documents so we can deal with your request as quickly as possible:

  • The original or certified copy of the death certificate or coroner’s interim certificate. A certified copy is a copy of the original document(s) signed and dated as a “true and accurate copy of the original” by a registered , lawyer, notary public or a regulated bank in the UK, Jersey (or an equivalent jurisdiction).

Certified copies should contain a statement verifying it is a true likeness of the original copy also showing the name of the signatory, their company, position held along with contact details.

Additionally, we will require proof of your identity. If you are a lawyer or other third party representative, we will also need to see a valid letter of authority (LOA), or SRA, number, (Solicitors Regulation Authority number) for solicitors.

Acceptable proof of identity:

  • Valid passport
  • National identity card
  • Valid photocard driving licence (full provisional)
  • Valid (old style) driving licence or a blue disabled drivers pass
  • Firearms certificate or shotgun licence
  • Identity card issued by the Electoral Office for Northern Ireland

Step 2: Request for Further documents

After you notify us of the death and we have verified the documents provided, we may ask you for the following documents:

Documents that we need where there is a valid will:

  • Original or certified copies of the Grant of Probate and the will.

Documents that we need there is no will:

  • Original or certified copies of the Letters of Administration.

If any of the documents above were issued in a language other than English, please also provide us with an English translation (certified by a registered lawyer or notary public).

We will return your documents to you under separate cover. Please ensure that you have provided us with an up to date correspondence address in your communication to us.

Step 3: Closure and Payment Authority

Once we have reviewed the documents you provided us with, we will send you a Closure and Payments Authority Form, which needs to be completed by the Executor, the Administrator or (where no Grant of Representation is available) the next of kin. This will enable us to close the account of the deceased and release the funds held with us.

We will do everything we can to ensure that the above process is completed as quickly as possible, but we appreciate that it can take some time to obtain the relevant documentation. To help you, we can release funds from the estate of the deceased to go towards funeral expenses. [Please contact us for more information and send your receipts evidencing your expenses to:]

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