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Useful Banking Documents

Useful documents

We have included documents below that you might find useful for managing your account.

Direct Debits and Standing Order Instructions

Salary Mandate & Bank Account Enquiry (PDF 28 KB)

You can obtain full details of Direct Debits and Standing Orders made from your previous account by sending this form to your previous bank/building society. Use the information you receive to transfer all your Direct Debits and Standing Orders to your Citi Account.

Direct Debit Mandate Request (PDF 33 KB)

Send one of these forms to everyone you pay by Direct Debit. They may need to send you new mandates, which you can complete with your Citi Account details. Some Direct Debit originators may accept your request over the telephone if you prefer.

You should have sufficient funds in your old account to cover any final payments being made from that account. Before you close your account check your old statements for quarterly, half-yearly or annual Standing orders and Direct Debits.

Closing your old account

Account Closure Instruction (PDF 32 KB)

You should only close your previous account when all automatic payments have been sent to your Citi Account. Simply complete the Account Closure Instruction and return it to your previous bank or building society, together with any cards (cut in two through the magnetic strip) and unused cheques (also cut in half).

Worldwide Annual Holiday Travel Insurance

As the primary account holder of a Citigold Current Account you receive a comprehensive travel insurance package covering both you and your family members, which includes winter sports coverage as standard.

As soon as your account is opened, your Citigold Worldwide Annual Holiday Travel Insurance will be set up and ready for use. To be eligible to be covered by the policy you must be a UK resident and under the age of 80 on the date the holiday begins.

Not all holidays are covered, for example business trips, so please refer to the policy document for full details of cover benefits, limits and exclusions before you travel, to ensure your holiday will be covered.

Full terms and conditions can be found here.

If you, your Partner or Children have a pre-existing medical condition you may find travel insurers who can provide specialist cover by visiting the 'Travel Insurance Directory' or by calling 0800 138 7777. This directory lists firms that provide, or arrange, travel insurance policies that cover more serious medical conditions that our Travel Insurance may not cover.

Questions and claims for existing customers

You are covered from the day your Citigold Current Account is opened. If you have any questions or need assistance whilst on holiday, please contact Chubb:

Call Chubb Insurance on 0800 345 7691 FREE
Lines are open Mon to Fri, 9am - 5pm

Making a travel insurance claim
Call Chubb Insurance on 0800 345 7693 FREE and quote your Citigold Current Account number. Lines are open Mon to Fri, 9am - 5pm

Medical treatment overseas
Outside the UK call +44 (0)20 7173 7798 prior to the treatment taking place.
Lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Taxation documents

If you need to complete a tax form with your Citi account, you might find it here.

If you are completing any of these tax forms as part of your Flexible Saver Account application, please send them to:
PO Box 49989

Otherwise please return your forms to:
PO Box 4012

W-9 (PDF 85 KB)
This form must be completed by a US Person. Each account holder who is an US Person must complete a separate form.

W-8 BEN (PDF 66.8 KB)
This form must be completed by an account holder who is not an US Person. Each account holder who is not an US Person must complete a separate form.

Automatic Exchange of Information Form
Details related to account holder’s tax residency will be captured in this form. All account holders must complete a separate form.