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How to pay money into your account using Citi location, Citi ATMs, by post or at a Lloyds Branch

Since it’s your account and it's your money, we believe it should be as simple and convenient as possible for you to pay money into your account.

UK Pounds (GBP) Cheque Deposit and Cash Deposit

You can pay money in:

  • By sending money from other Citi accounts
  • By using a Citi multi-function ATM cash deposit machine in the UK
  • Over the counter at the Citigold Lounge if you are Citigold or Citigold Private Client
  • At any Lloyds branch – cash deposit and cheque deposit
  • By posting cheques in Pounds (GBP) to us using the post address below

When you pay in over the counter at a Lloyds branch, you will need to complete a paying-in slip. These can be found in your paying-in book.

The postal address to use is:

Global Consumer Group - Banking
Citibank UK Limited, UK Branch
PO Box 4012

Cheque payment information and clearance timescales

Any cheques you deposit in to your current account will start earning interest from the day they are received and credited to your account (excluding cheques deposited at any Lloyds branch). Clearing times for foreign currency cheques will vary depending on where the bank on which the cheque is drawn is situated. Please contact us for further details.

Pounds (GBP) Cheque PaymentsIf deposited at UK Citi location or Citi Card Banking Centre (Citi ATM)Any UK Lloyds BranchBy Post to Citi* (Please do not send cash deposits in the post)
When do I have to deposit a cheque by to receive interest on the same day?3.30pmNot applicable. Interest will be received after the 2nd Banking Day3.30pm
When will the cheque show as available in the account?3 Banking Days2 Banking Days2 Banking Days**
When will the money safely clear?on the 4th Banking Dayon the 3rd Banking Dayon the 3rd Banking Day

*Send your cheque(s) with a completed Bank Giro Credit slip to: Citibank UK Limited, UK Branch, PO Box 4012, Swindon, SN4 4JZ.

**2 Banking days from date cheque is received at the address above

Depositing cheques drawn on foreign banks and in foreign currencies

Foreign currency cheques or cheques drawn outside the UK have a longer clearance time and will require an endorsing signature of the payee on the reverse of the cheque.

Cheques drawn in the USA and EU below USD 7,500 and EUR 5,000 will normally be credited to your account immediately. Credit is given on a recourse basis, as the cheque may still be returned unpaid at a later date. Cheque deposits of USD 7,500 and EUR 5,000 or above will not be credited to your account immediately, but sent on collection. Your account will be credited once the funds have been received from the paying bank and charges may be applied by the paying bank. Cheques sent on collection usually take up to 6 weeks but please note that clearing times and charges for cheques and bank drafts may vary depending on the currency, country or bank upon which the cheque or bank draft has been drawn. For specific information in relation to your transaction, please call CitiPhone.

Please also note the following:

  1. High value cheques may take longer to clear, to allow for security checks.
  2. Cheques are not a guaranteed method of payment and the payment can be cancelled at any time.
  3. All other foreign currency cheques will be sent on collection with the exception of:
    USD < $7,500 (USA)
    EUR < €5,000 (EU)
    CAD < $1,500 (Canada)
    AUD < $1,500 (Australia)
    NZD < $1,500 (New Zealand)

There is a fee payable on depositing foreign currency cheques. Please note you must have sufficient available funds in your account in order to pay the fee, as the charge cannot be deducted from the foreign currency cheque deposited. As such, you cannot initially fund a new foreign currency account by depositing a foreign currency cheque.

By post

Cheques can be posted to us using a paying-in slip from your paying-in book. Paying-in books can be requested by sending a message to customer service on Citi Online Banking, or by calling CitiPhone, or by completing the box on the back of your CitiStatement.

The postal address to use is:

Global Consumer Group - Banking
Citibank UK Limited, UK Branch
PO Box 4012

At a location

Over the counter at the Citigold Lounge if you are Citigold or Citigold Private Client


Foreign currency cash deposits cannot be made at branches of Lloyds.

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