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Paying Bills

How do you want to manage your money?

How do you want to manage your money?

With CitiPhone and Citi Online you can save time and stay in control of any bills that you pay regularly - such as utility bills, credit card bills and other payments. First of all we'll prepare a Payee List for you which will allow you to pay any payee, whenever you want, all at the touch of a button.

Details are always checked with you before you confirm payment.

Important Information

  1. Citi Global Transfers have no transaction fee however the Citi reference exchange rate will be applied if the transfer is made across currencies. Citi Global Transfers are only available to selected Citi locations in over 20 locations worldwide.
  2. Citi Philippines may charge an off line receiver fee to its customers. The fee is government regulated Documentary Stamp Tax.
  3. Subject to local limits.
  4. In certain circumstances - for example, if you are making a withdrawal for a large sum of money - we will contact you to confirm your request before processing it. This is to maintain the security of your account and is designed to protect your interests.
  5. SWIFT Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications. Should you wish to receive other currencies, please call CitiPhone for the appropriate account information. Please ask the sending (remitting) bank to send a tested Telex (MT100). This will speed the processing of the credit to your account. Always remember to give your account name and Citi Account number. The account number you quote must be the currency account you wish the funds to be credited to. If this currency account is different from the currency being remitted, the money sent will be converted using the Citi reference exchange rate applicable on the day the funds are received by Citi. There is also a fee for SWIFT transfers. Please see Rates and Charges Information for further details.

Citi clients click here to learn how to make a bill payment using Citi Online.

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