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Economic Outlook 2018 - Market Insights by Citibank UK

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Our Mid-Year Outlook Report 2018

Our Mid-Year Outlook Report

Citi Analysts believe global growth will continue in 2018 as global GDP is projected to grow 3.4% this year and corporate earnings remain strong. However, Citi analysts have not dismissed the trade war fears and political risks that have contributed to market volatility in the first half of 2018. How can investors successfully navigate the second half of the year and capitalize on market volatility?

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Market Outlook 2018 - Avios by Citibank UK


2018 Mid-Year Outlook: A message from Salman Haider

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Strong Growth, Steady Inflation

Citi Analysts maintain their forecast of above-consensus global real GDP growth of 3.4% for 2018 and steady inflation of 2.5%.

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Market Outlook 2018 - Market Insights by Citibank UK



Preference for Cyclicals

Citi analysts expect single-digit percentage gains for global equities by year-end underpinning a positive outlook on equities.

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Stock Market Outlook 2018 - Market Insights by Citibank UK



Seeking Shelter with Income

Citi Analysts favor selective opportunities in Emerging Market Debt, US High Yield and US Investment Grade Bonds.

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Bond Market Outlook 2018 - Market Insights by Citibank UK



Growth Expected Ahead

Oil prices may stay at-or-above US$78-80 per barrel, as non-OPEC supply growth may not be able to materially outpace demand growth.

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Commodity Outlook 2018 - Market Insights by Citibank UK



Still Bearish on USD Longer Term

Citi Analysts expect USD weakness to resume as focus shifts back to the worsening twin deficits in the US.

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Investment Outlook 2018 - Market Insights by Citibank UK



Risks from Uncertainty

Political risks look likely to remain in the second half of 2018 although recent geopolitical tensions have had limited effects on markets in 2017.

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Global Outlook 2018 - Market Insights by Citibank UK

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