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International market and product expertise

Innovative investment opportunities for a global market

Citi is one of the world's largest financial services institutions with a presence in 200 cities around the world. This means we are able to harness the entire international resources of Citi to continually research the markets, ensuring that the wealth management products we carefully select are among the best and most competitive in the world. We make these products available in a wide range of currencies, as you would expect from a global bank with international clients.

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Onshore Offshore

If you would like to expand your investment horizons and want to diversify your wealth on a global scale, you can take advantage of Citi's offshore wealth products. Investing offshore gives you access to an even wider range of markets, products and opportunities. And, depending on your individual circumstances, it can also bring certain tax advantages which is particularly useful if you are an expatriate living and working in the UK. If you choose to buy our offshore products, your Relationship Manager is also qualified to help you with these offshore investments.

Market and product expertise

Product expertise and selection is one of our major strengths, thanks to our local market knowledge, our on-the-ground experts and our teams of analysts.

Our research experts located around the world analyse the markets on a continual basis. We use all this research to respond to shifting market conditions and sentiments, so we can continually develop products that adapt to, and suit, your changing wealth management needs.

We share this work with you through our leading research that includes a monthly video commentary quarterly reports and an annual review. As well as weekly FX updates, regular news, analysis and in-depth focus articles. All this is available to you online, so you can find all the facts you need, to keep right up to date with what’s happening.

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